Friday, July 29, 2011

My bridesmaids dresses

  Yes, I was a bridesmaid.

And not just one time!

Did you watched the movie 27 dresses with Katherine Heigl?! If you did, then you know how I felt...

Two weeks ago I was searching for the best bridesmaid dress for my best friend wedding.
And it was quite a challenge! Not too expensive, not too cheap, simple, elegant and easy to wear.

I didn't had a higher budget to buy a dress from After Six, Bari Jay or Nicole Miller and I was day dreaming to a beautiful affordable bridesmaid black dress by Alfred at

BariJay is the only choice for outfitting your entire wedding party, bridesmaid's dresses, gowns, mother of bride, mother of groom, jewelry, bridal gowns at Barijay

And now the dress I bought from David's Bridal for my last wedding of a very good university colleague and friend:

David's Bridal offers the perfect bridesmaid dresses, no matter what style you have in mind. Your bridesmaids will feel gorgeous in our bridesmaid dresses. 

I'll post soon some photos from the wedding to share with you.


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